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Our Difference

RCC® offers a turnkey program which minimizes patient anxiety over the use of home-based monitoring, starting with the delivery of monitoring devices directly to the patient’s home. Our qualified representative will educate the patient virtually via video conference or with an in-person set-up. An RCC clinician will monitor the patient’s vitals and alert them when abnormal values are observed. At least once monthly, RCC clinicians will schedule a follow-up audio and/or video call with the patient to discuss the patient’s vitals and continue to educate and answer questions the patient may have.


FDA-Approved Bluetooth Medical Devices

Each RCC® patient is provided with the following devices to help monitor their vitals:

  • Pulse oximeter: tracks oxygen saturation and heart rate
  • Blood pressure monitor: tracks systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Weight scale: observes fluctuations of weight

This set of devices is provided along with a Bluetooth Hub which captures readings and transmits them to RCC for interpretation. Cellular service is needed.

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Benefits of Remote Connected Care®

There are several benefits in choosing Remote Connected Care® including:

  • Peace of mind
  • Easy to use, noninvasive technology
  • Greater awareness of health status
  • Professional clinical care
  • Consistent clinical follow-ups
  • Quick access to vitals
  • Availability of vital patient history trends
  • Greater control over disease progression
  • Affordable
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Emergency Preparedness

We are concerned with your safety and are committed to providing you with uninterrupted service. If you decide to leave your home during a disaster, please let us know your new address and the phone number where you can be reached.

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Contact Remote Connected Care®

For more information or to speak with an RCC® specialist, please view the information below.

Address: 19321B US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater, FL 33764

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